Unforeseen Enemy


The stakes are always high for Jack Shaw, a sniper and intelligence operative for the Global Intelligence Agency. But now, following the death of his partner during a botched GIA mission, the stakes have never been more personal. Jack missed his target the first time. Was the mistake purely human, or is he losing his grip?

Now he’ll get the chance to find out. Paired with the far younger operative Yi Ling, Jack embarks on a deadly follow-up mission to track down the Romanian criminal that evaded his crosshairs.

But when their target is revealed to be merely the tip of the iceberg in a much more sinister scheme, they must confront an even greater evil—a corrupt sociopath named Wong. This twisted mastermind controls what he claims to be the holy grail of human genetic engineering.

In a manhunt spanning the globe, Jack and Yi face the riskiest test of their careers as the murders multiply and trusted friends become sworn enemies. Against the cinematic backdrop of Singapore, Jack and Yi barrel toward an epic showdown with Wong that will determine whether his homicidal technology is unleashed on a massive scale that could alter the course of human history.